Crossing The Gulf Stream back to the USA. Rough Waters Off the Coast of Miami.

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We leave Bimini and head back to the United States. We provision in Ft. Lauderdale then head down the coast to Biscayne Bay. Ed replaces his sunglasses at Lens Crafters and we say goodbye to our Bosun.

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Our Story:
My name is Ed, I am an ex-musician, turned politician, turned tax account, who now imagines himself a sea-captain. Lyn, is an ex-model, turned photographer and the love of my life.

We have spent the last three years traveling on our 65' Hatteras Yacht and it has been terrifying. We have faced down storms, been stranded at sea, towed off shoals and run aground by careless boaters.

But it has been magical as well. We have explored places known only by those who travel by water, met incredible people along the way, and learned so much about boating - and even more about ourselves.

And to think - until three years ago, Lyn, and I, never even owned a boat.

We met when we were 21. I was a starving musician, on my way To Los Angeles to starve some more. Lyn was a model, waitressing tables and dreaming of adventure. We went on our first date to the Jersey Shore, and spent the night on a boat her father was restoring. That date has never ended.

We traveled the country together, and settled for a few years in Hollywood, where she discovered her love for photography, and I discovered that music was not going to be my career. We put down roots in Bucks County Pennsylvania. We built a house together, raised three children and became your typical American family. She opened a photography business and I opened an accounting firm.

On a vacation to Key West, we met a woman who lived on her boat. She had been an emergency room nurse for many years but decided she had had enough. She sold everything, bought a boat and sailed to Florida. We were fascinated. It seemed so romantic, so us. The seed was planted.

Flash forward a few years and the children are grown. Lyn retired from photography and sold her business. And me, well, I was only working three months out of the year and looking for a new adventure.

So, we bought our first boat. A Carver 355. No experience, and completely clueless. We hired a captain to bring us to our local marina and we were determined to learn how to operate her. We practiced in an empty marina for a couple of days and then, we just went for it! We figured, if we liked boating as much as we imagined, we would trade up to our dream boat. Two years later we did just that.

This video vlog is our story. Boating has become our passion. We invite you to share this journey with us, as we explore the waterways of the Atlantic and Caribbean, having the time of our lives, while "Trying Not To Sink."

Ed and Lyn.

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