World's Scariest Selfie? Trolltunga Norway Travel Vlog

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Is Trolltunga the world's scariest selfie?
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I woke up before sunrise today (which was 4am and only a couple hours after I finally went to bed) to photograph Trolltunga, which is known in English as The Troll's Tongue.
This spot in Norway has become famous because it might be the scariest selfie in the world. Or, maybe just the most epic. The Troll's Tongue hangs over a fjord some 900m and it is absolutely epic. Not only is the location insane, but it is one of the most beautiful places in Norway as well.
I wanted to get a couple shots for some clients that I thought would be cool from on top of Trolltunga, so I braced my nerves and headed out onto the ledge for my shots. The more times I stood out there shooting my selfie, the easier it got. But, I'd be lying if I said that the first couple shots weren't beyond terrifying.
But as scary as it might have been, it was also the world's most epic selfie spot.
After getting my images with Trolltunga all to myself, I headed back into my tent. And, luckily I did. Just as I did we got hammered with rain.
I hid out in my tent until about noon. Then, when I realized that the rains weren't going to stop, I started the Trolltunga hike back to the parking lot. It was such an epic 24 hours up in this part of Norway, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy to see my car again. My legs were crushed from the hike to Trolltunga and I was in desperate need for a shower and a good meal.
So, I continued with the Norway vlog by pushing on to the city of Bergen where I'd eventually give myself a bit of a break at a decent hotel room.
Tomorrow, the Norway travel vlog is back as I head out searching out some of Southern Norway's coolest waterfalls.
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