Photographing the Midnight Sun in Nordkapp, Norway | Norway Photography Vlog

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We made it all the way to Nordkapp, Norway to photograph the midnight sun.
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Today is a travel photography vlog, as we headed towards the northernmost place in Europe: Nordkapp, Norway. One of my tasks for TopDeck on this assignment here in Scandinavia is to take part in and photograph some of their bucket list items. One of the items on the bucket list is seeing the midnight sun. I wanted to take it a bit further by photographing the midnight sun.
So, our journey here in Norway again took us north. We stopped in Olderfjord and rested up a bit before going on our night excursion to the northern tip of Europe. The scenery on the way to Nordkapp was absolutely stunning. I mean, there's no other way to put it. It was one of the most beautiful drives I've ever done, and if I were on my own I would have needed to stop a dozen times to shoot various scenes. Just unreal.
Eventually, at about 11pm, we made it to Nordkapp. Immediately, we went out scouting some epic photo locations and places to see the midnight sun. We found a couple brilliant photo locations and snapped off some stills. I got a couple of the TopDeck passengers and crew members to post for photos with the midnight sun. And, I got my drone out and did a flight. I mean, how crazy is it to be able to fly a drone at midnight and the sun to still be up? And, how crazy is the landscape at Nordkapp? I mean, it's a photographer's dream. Especially with the light we had, it was just brilliant. One of the best experiences of my travel photography career.
Again, if I were on my own in this part of Norway, I'd need a full year to shoot all these photogenic locations properly. I could really spend a lifetime up here in the north shooting various locations.
After we counted down the midnight sun, it was time to head back to Olderfjord. On the way, we spotted some more reindeer and some more epic views.
What a perfect day. The travel photography vlog ends at about 2am with our return to camp. And, sadly, that's the end of the Norway vlogs. Tomorrow I'm taking a day off, and then the following day we're moving into Finland. It's been amazing in Norway, and I am already looking forward to my return here someday.
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