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”SYL” is a web series that we have created to shine more light on the few real independent snowboard shops that are left in Scandinavia.

Having access to a local snowboard shop plays a major role in having a good local snowboard scene. All local snowboard shops together are such a big and important part of the snowboard community.
Our small countries up in the Nordics need the local snowboard shops in order for our our community to grow. Without them the scene slowly dies.

By giving all our instagram followers the opportunity to ask the local core shops whatever they wanted we have put together a completely unedited series of interviews with the people that run some of Scandinavia’s real independent snowboard shops.
We are keeping it unedited and unpredictable to give the viewers the most honest view about the people that run these shops and their actual knowledge about snowboarding and everything around it.

These series are not sponsored or paid for in anyway by the shops or the brands that they sell. This is 100% independent.

In episode 3 we let the brothers Henrik and Rickard Bergstedt, who own & run the very special shop/place OSTHANG together in Ramundberget, Sweden, answer a bunch of questions from our followers.

If you are a snowboarder and you care about the snowboard scene in Sweden, OSTHANG is a perfect example of one of those few shops that you should actually buy your gear from.

Despite coming from the Swedish capital of Stockholm and growing up on the flat island of Gotland, Henrik & Rickard have lots of experience and knowledge from riding and from testing all of the products that they sell and they sure as hell knows their ways around the mountain of Ramundberget and can give you lots of tips on where to find the best tree runs and powder runs after the last snowfall.
They can answer most of your snowboard related questions and they will not try and sell you any bullshit.

Pay them a visit & grab a cup o coffe in their “living room” if you are in Ramundberget and check them out on their Instagram @therealosthang

Hope you enjoy this interview with two of the Swedish snowboard industry’s best guys.

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